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Our Team

Meet the people who make it happen!

Becky Long

Production Assistant
Since 2019
About Becky

Chad Ashworth

Embroidery/Screen Print Specialist
Since 2019
About Chad

Chris Scarborough

Quality Control/Shipping
Since 2014
About Chris

Greg Calkins

Sales Representative
Since 2008
About Greg

Jack Doherty

Founder and CEO
Since 1990
About Jack

Jailyn Torchetti

Graphic Artist/Sales Assistant
Since 2022
About Jailyn

Jake Canwell

Screen Print Specialist/Graphic Artist
Since 2021
About Jake

Jody Bulman

Office Manager/Finance Manager
Since 1995
About Jody

Joe Foley

Senior Vice President
Since 2000
About Joe

Kathleen Hickey

Retail/Events Manager
Since 2013
About Kathleen

Kathy Keefe

Director of Operations
Since 2013
About Kathy

Kevin Benkart

Embroidery Specialist
Since 2021
About Kevin

Kim Cameron

Embroidery Specialist
Since 2003
About Kim

Liam Coyne

Screen Print Specialist
Since 2019
About Liam

Margaret Dooley

Customer Service Sales Assistant
Since 2007
About Margaret

Marie Joyce

Quality Control/Embroidery Specialist
Since 2018
About Marie

Mark Reddish

Sales Representitive
Since 2018
About Mark

Nick Urciuolo

Art & Screen Printing Supervisor
Since 2020
About Nick

Renee Smith

Customer Service Sales Assistant
Since 2019
About Renee

Tricia Forrester

Since 2019
About Tricia

Wayne Dyer

Screen Print Specialist
Since 2017
About Wayne
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