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Jun 22, 2021

Renee has been with College Hype for 2 ½ years working in Customer Service in the Sales Office. What does she like the most about working at College Hype? Well, everything! “Every day is different. We are constantly learning something new or evolving to make the system better. Don’t tell anyone, but the secret to our success is teamwork. I know it’s cliché, but it’s the truth. Also, our customers are like family. We work hard to understand what they need and help them to reach their goals. Their opinion and feedback is very important.”
What’s also important to everyone at College Hype is health and wellness. After working from home due to Covid, Renee felt like taking part in the College Hype Biggest Loser Competition was a great way to get back on track to feeling healthy, and since March she has achieved an impressive weight loss goal of 25 pounds! 
“Some of our co-workers are walking together. Some are challenging each other on their Apple watches to see who has the most movement each day. We also have a refrigerator in the pantry full of fruit, vegetables, healthy snacks and extra water deliveries. This has kept me away from the candy dishes and celebratory bagels and donuts. We’ve also shared dieting strategies and recipes, but for me it came down to changing my habits.”
Renee definitely believes having the support of others is priceless and the group mentality makes everything easier. “Although this was a challenge, we had great support, and we are still working at it together. When you feel better, your mind is sharper and you’re more productive.” As for her secret, she says it came down to changing her eating habits. “There was no magic. It came down to no sugar, no bad carbs (bread was my favorite), portion control, small snacks throughout the day, more fruits and veggies, water and movement.”
Not only was the support at work helpful, Renee says having support at home was huge as well, and working as a family to change bad habits. “Covid was tough because it was an excuse to let loose. Like one long snow day! We stopped purchasing the bad stuff and stopped our Covid baking. It was hard at first because we got into the habit of having sweet treats after dinner, but by week two, we didn’t miss it as much.” 
Renee seems to be on a roll with no sign of stopping. She says her co-workers are still working at it as well, which will help with accountability. “For me, I do better when I’m held accountable, so this challenge was good for me. I found that if I focused on the big picture (the total I wanted to lose) I became overwhelmed. I had to change my mindset and look at this as a journey. Change a few habits, and when you get results, change a few more.” 
Great advice Renee! Congratulations!!!

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