Here's what customers are saying about College Hype:

I just got the best package I've received through work mail. Thank you so much for the gorgeous baby blanket for Tucker. It is adorable. You are the best! Please pass along my thanks to the whole team. Megan, Eric, and Tuck

I have been meaning to contact you to say how pleased I am with my order. Everything is great and I could not be happier. Greg made everything very easy and his flexibility is greatly appreciated. I will look to place a new order in the fall. Thank you once again, you guys are great! Neill Caine

We cannot thank you enough for all the time and effort you spent making this t-shirt just right for the youth and our audience for this spring's annual Service Day. Cecelia Auditore

Thank you, Kathleen! The shirts are great! A big hit with our group. I appreciate the quick service and delivery you provided. Ron McClelland

I just wanted to thank you and College Hype for again helping us out this year, All finished and survived. If there is anything we can do to help please give me a call. Thanks -
 Paul McCarthy

I wanted to say a special thanks to Kathleen and Margaret for going above and beyond for their orders. We love College Hype and the employees that work there.  Mary O'Neill

My business partner and I have recently been working with Greg Calkins on our uniforms for our restaurant franchise concept, LeanWorks. I come from a sales background.  I know first hand that it is often the complaints that get called out, rather than the compliments for customer service.  With that having been said, I really want to let you know how great it has been working with Greg.  Greg has been informative, responsive, knowledgeable, and easy to work with.  He has been understanding of our needs and our timelines.  If our interaction with Greg is any indication of College Hype as a whole, I see us having a great long term partnership.  Best - Shea

Thank you Kathleen I was informed that the quality of the L Street jackets was excellent and I am impressed at the quality of service you provided especially during the busy holiday week. Thanks much.

I just wanted to let you know we give the company a 5 star rating and we were very pleased with service and products we received.

Thanks for all your help.  Everyone at your company has been so helpful to me and I really appreciate all the great customer service. Anneli

Thanks again for the great job on the shirts for my summer trip.  They were a great success.  I've attached a picture from Lithuania where we docked in what used to be a castle moat that has been opened to the ocean by a canal.  A great trip with good weather, good company and good clothes. Brad

We won the championship for the second year in a row! The jackets came out awesome...everyone was blown away. The timing was perfect as well, as we had them just in time for the playoffs (& cool nights). Thanks to you & everyone at College Hype for all your help. In addition to winning on the field, we continue to be the best-dressed team in the league. Thanks again. Brian 

Just wanted to follow up and let you know what a hit the skyline tee shirts were at our party Wednesday night. They came out looking exactly as we’d hoped and I know that wasn’t easy to accomplish so thank you again for pulling this off so well – and so quickly!!
Best regards, Diane

Here are some pictures of the Canton Bulldog game at the Garden. Everyone still wears these shirts around town, to the gy
m, to school. A great way to remember Scott and they look great too! Thanks, Robin

Hi Joe, the shirts for the 1/2 were great! Thank you so much!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate you accommodating us on such a short notice. The guys who got the shirts loved them! the 1/2 was fun for us - those of us in the cheering section! We brought cowbells and posters. Even people who weren't running for SMA loved the bells! When the last of our group ran by we left to try to make it to the finish line for the first of the group. The 2 guys standing next to me were disappointed we were leaving and that's when I noticed they were from the L Street club. I gave them some cowbells!! I hope your 1/2 went well. It was a great day for it! Thanks for everything! Kristine

Just got in from my vacation yesterday. The shirts came out perfect, and the service was excellent. You can count on us to keep coming back to College Hype for ALL of our future orders. Thanks again for your great service. After what happened to us before with Mass Envelope, me and Joe are glad there is a company out there that is up front and goes above and beyond to make sure our order is handled appropriately. Thanks again, and we’ll be in touch about our next fundraiser. Chris

THANK YOU!!!!!! The shirts arrived today, they look great.  My boss and director were shocked by the quick turn around. Thanks for everything. Please tell your employees that were really were impressed with your company. Thanks again. Jean

I just wanted to thank you for your help and the quality of the t-shirts.  They are great as always.  I am sorting them as I take them out so I haven't gone all the way through, but it looks like everything is just as it should be.  Thanks again!  Have a good weekend. Lisa

Thank you again for providing the t shirts for the Franklin School Fun Run. They were delivered right on time on Tuesday and the event was yesterday. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Carol

Thanks for the shirts. They look great.  I appreciate your prompt and courteous service.  Best, Jon

Thanks very much for all the t-shirts that you provided LCHS.   As usual they came out awesome and as always the kids loved them!  The visors came out awesome. . . .the kids loved them.  Have a good summer and see you in the fall. Thanks very much again. Dave

Oh my gosh those kids were so pumped walking into school wearing those shirts.  The teachers were in tears. They were on display for the whole school today as well, as they had a Friday assembly and even got to stand up and talk about the trip to everyone in the whole school.  All the other teachers were sooooo jealous.  What a great time everyone had.  I sure hope we didn't wreck too much there.  They did get a bit wild - can't imagine who was egging that on - but boy was it fun.  The parents think you guys are too cool for words and all want me to get those Medfield shirts to sell in town, so I will be in touch on that.  Thank you for everything.  Please pass along my thanks to everyone there.  It was great to see folks again and I really appreciate all their patience with the kiddos.  Thanks for the pictures too!!!! Heidi ~ Proud Mom


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